Practical Tools for Healing & Rest

40 Days to Mindblowing Communication with God

Nothing heals like God’s Word, and there is no way to heal fully without an intimate relationship with the Healer, Jesus Christ, in which He pours His love into you and your suffering.

He does that, every single day, by speaking to you through the daily readings. The best way to begin healing is to hear God speak, experience His presence, and discern His will for your life through the daily readings of the Church. How?

Modeled on the Annunciation, the LOVE the Word® method invites Our Lady to guide each of us in her own personal prayer practice: L – listen, O – observe, V – verbalize, E – entrust. We learn how to LOVE the Word® like Mary, from Mary. She teaches us to interpret the word we hear and read through the landscape of our lives. You can begin today by reading the daily readings for free. Learn how here. 


and share your LOVE the Word takeaways with a community of others who are hearing from God each day in the daily readings.


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It’s not what Sonja knows, it’s who she is.
We watch and listen as I prepare my wife for the day (she has Alzheimer’s), but she laughs with Sonja.
I am not sure what is getting through. But I am sure Sonja is getting through.
–Tim & Diane Higgins

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I teach the Bible because it’s a fire in my mouth.

Because people are hungry to hear God speak, and to feel His touch.



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 Tell Me What’s on Your Heart

5 Days to Understanding the Pattern in Your Suffering

Pop Quiz!?

Remember in school when the teacher would suddenly spring an unexpected test on you? “Time for a pop quiz!”

Life offers us pop quizzes too. They look like emotional eruptions that seem to come out of left field. The Bible calls them “vomit” (Prov 26:11). Sometimes they feel almost volcanic. And there’s a pattern to them!

What if I told you that your response probably had nothing to do with the situation, but was rather a sign of where the Holy Spirit is already working to heal you and wants your cooperation? Here’s how you work with the Holy Spirit through pop quizzes, so they finally STOP. 

(When you enter to learn how to work through your pop quizzes – four installments – you also get a coupon for $100 off the price of the Sacred Healing Masterclass, below!⇓)