Sonja travels internationally and has spoken in the largest venues in the country: Catholic and non-Catholic congresses; retreats; parish missions; women’s, men’s, family, youth, apologetics, leadership,
and pro-life conferences; and adjusts her talks accordingly.
She is available to speak on these themes, and any other you prefer.

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Fearless, How to Conquer Your Demons and Love with Abandon

Learn to recognize the methods the devil uses to keep you enslaved to fear, anxiety, and depression. Assemble scriptural tools that help you understand and conquer the demons of sin, Satan, self, and sloth. Immerse yourself in a profound contemplation of love, which is the only possible weapon against the spirit of fear.

Unleashed: How to Receive Everything the Holy Spirit Wants to Give You

Could the Holy Spirit really be working in the patterns of my bad habits, toxic relationships, difficult circumstances, and deep desires? Discover your patterns and how to be UNLEASHED!

Dew of Heaven

In our careening culture of economic stress, widespread depression and anxiety, high pressure, and chronic busyness, we discover that times of refreshing are not only a welcome luxury but a spiritual discipline. Find out what provisions God makes for His children.

Made for Mercy: Year of Mercy in Action (choose one or more talks, or combine them all)

Mercy Is a Must – You Go Too, The Call to Mercy (Who & Why)
The Mission Is Ministry – Narrowing My Focus (What, Where)
Making it Matter – We’re Not Doing Social Work (How)
Managing the Moment – Preventing Burnout (When)
Mother of Mercy – Mary as Treasury of Mercy in Edith Stein and Thomas Aquinas

Twelve Angry Men

How do I deal with anger in a holy way? A study of some Biblical people who were angry with God – including Cain, Elijah, Saul, Jonah, the prodigal son, and Paul – the Scriptures allow us to “eavesdrop” on their frank conversations with God regarding strong negative emotions, and how God dealt with them as their Heavenly Father to help move them beyond their anger to love.

Heroes of Faith in the Scriptures and How To Be One Too!

Come with me as we explore the lives of seven people so completely daring in their faith that their heroism is recorded for all of history in the Hall of Fame of Faith. Throughout your study of Hebrews 11, you will feel as though you are following the path blazed by some Spiritual Greats who continue to beckon us to risk everything in believing God. Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David, Mary, Peter, and Paul, learn the secrets of how God strategically forms the faith of leaders and be inspired to a heroic pursuit of God yourself! Great for men’s and leadership functions.

Healing the Father Wound

“The hearts of fathers must be returned to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers” (Mal. 4:6). So many people carry “daddy wounds,” from relationships with fathers, stepfathers, priests, grandfathers, etc. that negatively affect their relationships with God and other men. A Scriptural study of God as our “Abba” through the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, we learn what it means to have a safe place to acknowledge weakness and receive strength. We explore worship as an act of love, and the Our Father, in which some of the deficits that proceed from a father wound become clear – anger/rage vs. rest; rebellion vs. faith; forgiveness vs. revenge; abandonment vs. presence; perfectionism vs. grace; fear vs. love. As we reach beyond our deficits to God, we learn from Jesus how to climb into the bosom of a loving Heavenly Father (Jn. 1:18).

Beloved, Song of Songs in Thomas Aquinas and Edith Stein

In our often graceless age we encounter people everyday, sometimes ourselves, who wonder, “Does God really love me?” The Scriptures probe this question very deeply, and it is through an exploration of the ancient, mystical insights of the Song of Solomon that we discover the magnetic, haunting symphony of God that bathes us every moment in the searing, tearing, choking, spiraling bliss of His love until we are His for all eternity.

Promise Carriers

Because we love them so much, we sometimes fall into sweating the small stuff or viewing spouses and children as our possessions. The certainty is that we are not spared from worrying and struggling and suffering through and for them, but they are not ours; they belong to Another. With the Blessed Mother, discover how spouses and children are unique and tender avenues through which the Mystery calls us to look up, to give thanks, and to surrender absolutely to Love in the most mundane and simple ways. Helpful for marriage and family conferences or as a follow-up to Healing the Father Wound. 

Behind the Veil, What’s Really Behind the Veil of the Flesh

The Scriptures speak of the flesh in the same terms as the intricately woven, richly gloriously decorated tabernacle veil that concealed the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament. In this talk we probe both the dangerous and glorious implications of such a description for every human being who ever has and ever will live. Perfect for pro-life groups.

Soul of the World, the Heart as God’s Dwelling Place

Where does God speak to me? How can I draw Him more deeply into my heart and life? “Make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell with them … and there I will meet with you” (Ex. 25). Discover how the “old fashioned” trappings, rituals, and practices of the Catholic Church are scripturally rooted in the Old Testament tabernacle; how they connect you to God in the ways you long for right now; how all the “outdated rules” are relevant and absolutely necessary to your quality of life and daily experience; and how your individual soul is meant to reflect all of it. Wonderful for apologetics events.