Fearless DVD Episode 1

The full 13-episode DVD series is available at biblestudyevangelista.com or Amazon.com.


5 thoughts on “Fearless DVD Episode 1

  1. I just listen to the first part of the DVD on fearless. You don’t know how much God spoke too me last year on the power of his word the power of Creation , this spoke too me so fast bc God has been teaching me on the power of words which began creation God spoke ” ( statement, utterance words are powerful utterances out of God that brought into being Of dawn)
    is where God began too speake too me about the power of words,
    And it wasn’t until I was approached by a woman that I knew while my son went to Catholic school that approached or ask me to
    teach her the Bible to teach her out I knew about the Bible in her words (‘ I want to no what you no will you teach me
    Genesis where we started there is so much more in creation…..( I soon learn)
    I then ordered BS (unlocking the mystery of the Bible.)
    And it taught me I believe more than her bc my whole life my deep wounds are words spoken over me that haunted me most of my life & make me act the way I do or respond in the same patterns that bring us down longing for healing from hurtful words spoken over & over again & again ( at what point do you ask yourself is this me ? Or just words
    we all have deep issues but the fact that you are bring this BS is that God see our pain & hears what is spoke to us & how it affects us ?
    cant wait to begin this study I ask you to only keep me in prayer as I learn what God show you .
    Thank you

    1. Yes, Marina, our wounds are often due to words others have spoken over us for long periods of time. But you are also right that God’s word is far more powerful than any lie. I have already sent up a Memorare to our Blessed Mother for you. I also pray over every word and every chapter of every study, and for every woman or man who reads or watches me. So you are covered in prayer from Tennessee! Peace, Dear One.

  2. Thank you for your prayers it means a lot too me and everyone who hears your teaching . God has truly poor out his grace on n you dear one.

    Please remember you are always n my prayers I too pray a decade of the rosary for you & your ministry.
    From the Big heart of Texas .

  3. Sonja Corbitt, you are truly a blessing to our Church and to me personally. How much your testimony has affected me. The issues I had with my father has affected my life adversely throughout my life. God has gotten through. Now I realize why I have been so angry all these years. And I’m learning how to let go and ask God to help me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your Brother in Christ Carlos

    1. Carlos, I offered my morning rosary for you this morning. What a beautiful testimony. You have my prayer support. Unleashed will help you begin working through that father wound, if you are ready. I am so proud of you!! Hugs!

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