How I Do It

In imitation of our Blessed Mother, my commitment to God and to you is keeping my heart and life as pure as possible so that the Holy Spirit can work unhindered and powerfully through me.

I offer Bible study spinach that tastes like cake. You’ll snort-laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll walk away loved and lifted and more equipped to love and lift all you’ve been given. No doubt: you and your group will experience Jesus through my speaking.

My appearances are also championed by my husband, a true Joseph, our two collaborative children, and the flexibility of our family’s homeschooling schedule.

For inquiries or invitations, please fill out the ER&I Form (per instructions below), and MaryKatherine will be in touch shortly.

Honorarium and Expenses

You know your diocese, parish, or group better than anyone; Sonja considers herself, simply, your handmaid. Partnering with you in ministry is very important to her, so please share your ideas and budget requirements. Sonja loves to customize her message to meet the individual needs of every hosting party, and will happily speak on your preferred theme.

Please let us hear from you about the personality of your group so she can customize a talk as spectacular as your event. If you need suggestions, see the Talks page for a helpful list of possibilities.

Sonja flies Southwest “cheap,” and typically makes her own travel/flight arrangements. She is always open to staying at a convent or retreat center out of respect for your group and budget.

Endorsements & Reviews

Bishop Mark Spalding of Nashville with Fr. Rick Childress, Sonja’s Pastor
She is orthodox and faithful to the Church’s Magisterium. She is loyal to the Lord and His Church and is a credit to the faith in our diocese, her parish and the broader community.

Allison Gingras, A Seeking Heart, Breadbox Media
The best Bible teacher on the face of the earth.

Fr. Larry Richards, Founder, The Reason For Our Hope Foundation
Sonja is an outstanding author, speaker, and radio show host.  Sonja’s practical wisdom, knowledge of Scripture, and genuine loving spirit are wonderful strengths that enable her to capture and retain the attention of her readers and listeners.

Joy Warner, Women’s Group, Lincoln, Nebraska
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the background information you give in explaining the scriptures verses you are teaching on. For instance, when you talked about Jonah . . . we would never have gotten out of it on our own what you explained to us. This helps so much when learning about scripture. Keep up the good work. You are a wonderful addition to the Catholic church and with our evangelizing. You are really gifted. Prayers for you!

Doran Oancia, Vice President, Legatus-Denver
We found [Sonja] to be warm – yet challenging; relatable – yet inspiring; disarming, and “real.”  She struck a rare chord with many in our group.  We appreciated both her call to dive deep into Sacred Scripture, as well as her knowledge and reference to Church teaching and the lives of the Saints.  I warmly and enthusiastically recommend Sonja.

Lisa M. Hendey, Best-Selling Author & Founder of CatholicMomdotcom
A gentle friend with a mighty voice, Sonja is the perfect companion to help each of us unlock the sometimes mysterious messages of God’s Word and what it means uniquely for each of us. Journey with her and find your ‘Yes’ to God in new and ever powerful ways.

Jeff Cavins, Director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute & Co-Author, The Great Adventure Bible Studies
I appreciate how Sonja makes the guidance of the Holy Spirit a real possibility in every person’s life. We all desire to be led by God, Sonja shows you how. Very refreshing!

Catherine Kolpak, Managing Editor, Magnificat
Your presentation was the highlight of my day. You touched my soul in so many ways through your talk. Your wit is a true gift from God!

Marlene Funk, Doylestown, PA
Thank you for being bold, honest and allowing Jesus to speak His Truth through you, in a very natural, humbling, and relational way. Almost every woman had a conversion of heart. So blessed Sonja… to journey this life with you. 

Pam Carver, Women’s Conference, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
I love your love – you radiate Him so beautifully. It is captivating and inviting to those lucky enough to witness it! Thank you!

Scott Russell, Director of Saint Joseph Communications, a division of Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP

In a distinctively and beautifully feminine manner, Sonja Corbitt addresses one of the fundamental questions we all ask, “What is the purpose of my life?” And she helps her listener discover the answer with Scripture, experiences from her own journey, and a foundational reliance upon the love of the Holy Spirit. You will not be the same person after hearing her.

Deacon Tom Fox, Columnist & Podcaster of Catholic Vitamins
Some years ago, I ‘met’ Sonja Corbitt online and found she made me laugh, led me to tears, and always nourished a yearning for the Lord in me. I recently passed a CD of her talk to a lady who was moved to tears from the healing she received from Sonja’s message. This unleashing of God’s Spirit in our lives can help us all to discover in God’s Word the gifts he longs to give us!

Sarah Christmyer, Co-developer & Author of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program
With freshness and vulnerability, Sonja opens a window onto her own walk with God. For those who long to see the power of the Spirit in their lives, she offers practical advice: simple habits of prayer and Scripture reading that have led to healing, faith, and wholeness. Bound to be a blessing.

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, EWTN Host & Author, The Mass in Sacred Scripture
Sonja connects the power of the Bible to everyday life experiences. With a wonderful freshness and ease that is both engaging and enlightening, she will stir your heart and lift your soul. She will equip you with the spiritual tools necessary to build the dynamic, joy-filled relationship with Jesus Christ that you’ve always wanted. Very highly recommended!

Debbie Clarridy, Gatlinburg Women’s Retreat
You nudge me, you inspire me, to learn about the Word. I’ve learned and been challenged by your teaching.

Deacon Keith Fournier, Editor, The Stream
Sonja Corbitt is an example of ‘feminine genius’ at work, enriching the Church. Her capacity to open hearts, minds and lives to the ancient, yet ever new faith, and to break open the Sacred Scriptures – always in fidelity to the Magisterium – in a manner which brings them to life, is to be commended. Her contagious love for the Lord and His Church should be welcomed in any parish, college or Catholic apostolate. Given her background as a former Evangelical protestant who came into the fullness of the communion of the Catholic Faith, she is also ideal for ecumenical gatherings. Sonja is one of our most popular writers and has been for years. Her articles on the Sacred Scripture and the interior life have moved many. Her insights into contemporary social concerns, always in fidelity to the Magisterium, have also contributed greatly to the work of our global apostolate. She has my highest recommendation.

Kathleen Jeager, Christ Fellowship Women’s Retreat
Your sparks fly everywhere! Your fire for God is so evident to everyone around you!

Fr. Pat Mulcahy, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Bonita, CA
Sonja displays a unique and wonderful talent in sharing God’s Word to the casual as well as more sophisticated listener in a way that will inspire both. She is one of the rare presenters who can reach across the spectrum of listeners with solid and faithful scholarship while presenting in a way that never sacrifices substance for style. She offers both. I have personally benefited from her writings and presentations and I recommend her as a great source for orthodox Catholic teaching presented with a charming Southern style.

Debbie Merryman, Women’s Ministry Leader, Regional Women’s Retreat
You make me crave what God continues to pour into you.