“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Without awareness, without consciousness, there is no freedom.

What’s the lifetime value of skipping decades of do-it-yourself frustration and pounding on closed doors in trying to launch a successful ministry? Is the value in transaction or transformation?

I employ my God-given charisms, the skills I’ve mastered, and strategies I’ve learned to help you breakthrough with the Holy Spirit in your ministry. Here’s how.


Professional Consultations

Are you an evangelist or evangelista at heart? Do you have creation to share with the world, a burning desire to travel in spreading your God-given message, or have a book to write? Are you having a hard time integrating multiple facets of your gifts and offerings in a single, coherent way?

Maybe you aren’t seeing the number of speaking invitations or earning as much as you’d like. Perhaps you’re frustrated with trying to understand what it takes to make it in Catholic publishing and markets. I can help you see immediate results.

Professional consultations are offered according to the following tracks:

Speaker/Public Ministry Track

One of the questions I am most often asked is: How do I get started and succeed in public ministry for the Church? 

Find out how.

In your two-day private consultation, we will:

  • Discern your calling
  • Identify your unique spiritual gifts and charism
  • Construct your theme
  • Establish your brand
  • Define and “5-Step Strategize” your goals
  • Determine your professional structure (honoraria, contracts, terms, website, social media, etc.)
  • Hone your delivery
  • Explore the challenges in public ministry
  • Determine your obstacles
  • Learn to prevent burn-out
  • Prepare you to get noticed

Publishing Track

Do you have a book to write? Do you want to get your podcast, article, or book published? Do you want to know the inside scoop on publishing or the nuts and bolts of writing something that can actually be published?

Whether your questions are about writing or publishing, the publishing consultation track will help you:

  • Find your voice
  • Craft your message
  • Improve your writing
  • Make the point
  • Apply the applicable application
  • Discern a self-publishing or traditional path
  • Develop the product (self-publishing – editing, design, marketing, sales, etc. & podcasting – equipment, recording, producing, hosting, etc.)
  • Develop a proposal (traditional)
  • Prepare the pitch (traditional)
  • Open author-publisher communication (traditional)
  • Demystify the professional structure (platform, contracts, negotiations, agents, etc.)


In-person Professional Consultations are scheduled 9:00 am – 3:00 pm on two consecutive days (Monday – Saturday) in Nashville, TN. Fees are $1500 for one full day (choose six objectives), or $2000 for two, and include: two working lunches, a Friday evening cocktail, and materials.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required in advance with balance due by 30 days prior to the event. Travel, accommodations, entertainment, and other meal expenses are not included.

Consultations take place in the hotel room or Airbnb you book; we can make those arrangements for you and add reimbursement to the final invoice, or you can make arrangements for accommodations yourself. If you book yourself, please book a hotel room or other rental with a table and chairs or a couch and coffee table so you and Sonja have space to talk and spread out.

Here are some cottages we like to book.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Consultations are also available via Zoom and are $400 per a la carte objective, up to four; thereafter, full track rates apply (see bullet points, above). Follow-up consultations, afterward, are available at $150 per hour.

Click here to check Sonja’s availability, then call or email MaryKatherine for inquiries and scheduling: 484.273.1837 or hello @ biblestudyevangelista . com.



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Words are really inadequate to describe the gifts I received from my spiritual consultations. Sonja was quickly able to ascertain my particular situation and offer insights and solutions. Sonja is a very special lady who is being used by God in an incredible way. Without sounding too dramatic, I experienced what I consider to be two miracles during my time with Sonja.
This lady is “plugged in” to the Holy Spirit and she is filled with love, wisdom, compassion and grace. I came away with clarity and peace, and obtained wisdom and guidance, which is exactly what I had hoped for. The two miracles were a bonus! I feel I am now equipped to cope with whatever comes my way in life and to continue growing closer to Our Lord Jesus, his Word, and our beautiful Catholic faith. Thank you, dear Sonja, my forever sister in Christ!

I booked a 2 day intensive consultation with Sonja Corbitt as I had no idea how to build a platform nor did I have a website at that time. I was truly clueless as to how to move forward with reference to all things technical and logistical regarding the writing world. All I knew was that I wanted to write a book regarding a very specific subject. After some background investigation, Sonja began at the beginning with me. She took me step by step through website basics, branding, and marketing myself. Sonja provided me instruction and information that I did not know I would need and has proven to be invaluable as I have stepped out in both the writing and speaking forums. I am very grateful Sonja Corbitt decided to hang up her shingle and offer consultation services to the speaking and writing community. Sonja brings the same unique giftedness to this service as she does to the rest of her portfolio!

My sincere gratitude to Sonja for her spiritual consultations she provided me. [Even after years of therapy] I think it helped so much because it was spiritual and enabled me to recognize some deep truths I had not been aware of in the past.  I feel better and closer to God in a way I haven’t been able to until now.  It is all still evolving and I am appreciating the journey more and more. Thank you again Sonja for helping me to identify the obstacles and teaching me ways to overcome them.

Sonja’s experience and wisdom in the area of Catholic writing and speaking has provided a wellspring of insight for us to draw from, as we are working to move our small Catholic consultation and coaching business into the speaking and authoring arena.  Sonja has helped us with things like branding, website design, social media, crafting and delivering an intentional message, professional structures, product development, audience attraction and engagement, and so much more! Sonja Corbitt is a gift to the world in her role as the Bible Study Evangelista, and she graciously carries that giftedness into her role as a consultant.  If you are looking to speak or write, and don’t know quite where to start, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable, honest, and genuinely invested in your success than Sonja.  I cannot thank her enough for the wisdom she has shared!  With Sonja’s guidance, our business is growing and moving in the right direction!

I have been praying with Scripture for many years, but I found I was stuck in fear which was causing stress on my body and my spiritual life.  Spiritual consultation with Sonja showed me how to confront that with God allowing Him to transform it.  A weight was lifted off me and I experienced true rest-peace.  From my sessions with Sonja, I have a deeper relationship with Jesus and now have spiritual tools to help me in my faith journey.  I am so very grateful to Sonja!

Even though I have a deep prayer life, a close relationship with Jesus, and was in the scriptures daily, I struggled to get to the root of my problems. When my life became unmanageable I contacted Sonja for a spiritual consultation. She was able to help me discover the root of my problem so I could start actually healing from a habitual sin pattern, deal with an unhealthy relationship, and stop a self-medicating destructive behavior.

And although I didn’t immediately resolve all my issues, things took a dramatic turn and I’m not sure if it would have played out this way if not for Sonja’s help. I can’t thank her enough. If you’re struggling to trust God and find rest in the midst of an overwhelming life struggle, I suggest contacting Sonja – she can help.