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Woops! I just tripped myself trying to curtsy for you in my schlepping boots (seriously, the html keeps kicking out my left arrow, curtsy, right arrow). No problem. I’m more flaming Bible teacher than Southern Belle anyway, hence the “evangelista” moniker. Yes, I made up a word, but it’s entirely applicable since by definition an evangelist simply shares the good news of the Gospel from his own point of view. And honey I’m no “him,” but I always have a point of view, so I’m your evangelistaaaah.

Speaking of good news, isn’t holiness more domestic than cosmic (right?) — in the trenches of dirty bathrooms, fighting children, irritable spouses, the struggle to stop smoking or overeating, crazy schedules, and overwhelming workloads? We’re all sweating and dirty with the effort to love and lift all He’s given to us (John 17) – those people, duties, callings, and longings that break our hearts and make them sing, sometimes at the same time. But most times, we need to be loved and lifted ourselves.

So my Bible study media resources are created with you in mind, bites of spinach that taste like cake, to help you make a space in your busy heart and schedule for God to love and lift you all the all the way up into His great lap, where all you’ve been given is loved and lifted too.

My message is simple: Jesus literally loves you to death; let Him. I found that impossible once, myself – due to a deep, raw father wound – but I can’t wait to show you what the Lord taught me in the Scriptures in the times I was hurting, guilty, enraged, lonely, discouraged, and exhausted.

How about we get started? Take my hand, and let’s find out where God wants to begin loving and lifting you through the Scriptures!

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The “Press Release” Version, Ha!

Sonja erupted on the scene with her explosive book, Unleashed, where she shared how the Holy Spirit is freeing her from her patterns of toxic relationships, self-medicating habits, awful circumstances, and overwhelming desires.

Now she’s showing up everywhere. Her 13-episode Unleashed TV series, perfect for study groups, aired weekly on CatholicTV, Focus TV, and Christian Associates TV. Soon after, her radio show Bible Study Evangelista launched on Real Life Radio, Breadbox Media, and St. Gabriel Radio.

Sonja continues to offer 6-8 week Bible study series. You can catch the show every week by subscribing below to the Monday morning email, or listen via podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, GooglePlay, Podbean, or Stitcher.

Look for her new release, Fearless, A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare; and Ignite, Read the Bible Like Never Before with Deacon Harold Burke Sivers summer of 2017.

Sonja writes regularly for Jeff Cavins’ The Great Adventure Bible Study Blog and in Magnificat magazine, and speaks around the world.

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A veteran Scripture teacher, Sonja founded a non-profit as an evangelical when her own deep need for more of God began to connect with her non-Catholic brothers and sisters, and she started receiving invitations to speak around the country. Serving both itinerantly and locally, and on radio and TV, she was privileged for many years to witness God speaking and moving in people’s lives through her teaching.

Later, her hunger for righteousness having led her to the Church as both the “pillar and foundation of truth” and the desire of her heart, Sonja was thrilled to discover how hungry Catholics were for the Word of God! She dove into writing multi-media Bible study resources for Catholics like those she worked on prior to her full communion with the Church.

Because Sonja has a fiercely loyal, grateful love for the Church, it is her heart’s cry to participate in the New Evangelism by drawing people more deeply into the church through the Scriptures. She writes and produces Bible study materials, and travels anywhere and everywhere to spread her simple message: God loves you to death; learn to let Him.

Sonja teaches regularly and lives in Tennessee. Her appearances are championed by her husband, a true Joseph, their two collaborative children, and the flexibility of their family’s homeschooling schedule. Besides her devotion to the Eucharist and the Sacred Writings and their Author, Sonja is in formation with the Third Order Carmelites. She delights in a pot of apricot tea, her rocking chair and quilt on the porch of her farmhouse, the English countryside, Austen, Dickens and Michael Crighton novels, and long hikes along the Appalachian Trail.

For more information on scheduling Sonja to speak at your next great event, email MaryKatherine, here.


Sonja at Virgin Falls, TN