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Get your signed copy of Just Rest, Receiving God’s Renewing Presence in the Deserts of Your Life (A Study of the Exodus).
For you and your group, Just Rest includes a LOVE the
Word® exercise and discussion questions in each chapter.

Rest is not a luxury; it is a spiritual discipline. It is a gift.

Rest is a promise.

We dispose ourselves to receive the promise of rest through a disciplined desert process common to God’s people from the beginning. The biblical exodus story is a map through this desert process, showing us the disciplines that offer “dew”—God’s renewing presence in the desert that leads us to inner Sabbath in thoughts, emotions, body, and soul.

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If you’ve prayed incessantly for lasting peace but believe God must not have meant it for you; if you’re harassed by self-punishing, painful, or fearful thoughts or memories; if you’ve done numbers of Bible studies or read stacks of books on positive thinking and are still in pain, live in fear, or feel anxious or out of control; if the duties and demands of your life routinely leave you exhausted, sick, resentful, or frayed; you need the lessons of the exodus.  (Ave Maria Press)


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5 reviews for Just Rest

  1. Diane Kula

    Another great book by Sonja,she always teaches me something and gets me to see new perspectives. This one provoked a lot of deep thought as, I would think, “what does she mean by this,” then, I would continue reading and find she has explained the concept she introduced with examples and I’d think, “oh, I get it now!” I can’t even say how many times I’d be going about my day and see, read or hear something that just reinforced the lessons she was teaching me in this book! The Holy Spirit at work making sure I was absorbing all Sonja was teaching me.

  2. Karen Bauza

    I am so grateful to have discovered Sonja Corbitt! Her knowledge of Scripture is expansive and thorough. She has the ability to, very seamlessly, explain how Old Testament prophesy is fulfilled in the New Testament. And I am always astonished at how timely the themes of Sonja’s books correlate with what is happening both in my life personally as well as with events unfolding in our world. This five-week study of the Exodus helped me to explore my own personal “promised land of rest”. Throughout the study Sonja shares the story of her conversion from Southern Baptist to Catholicism, allowing the reader to get to know her. Just Rest is written beautifully, with authenticity, humility and intelligence. I always come away from Sonja’s studies feeling invigorated in my faith and hungering for more knowledge. She is a true gift to those of us who sometimes find it difficult to draw close to God through His Word. Sonja will teach you . . . and you will be amazed!

  3. Dennis Cruz

    Sonja’s new book,“Just Rest”, is not simply another inspiring piece of faith literature. If you take to heart the depth and breadth of the message within the book it will transform your life. For many, the word Sabbath, is viewed as Old Testament terminology that has no present-day application. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Sonja brilliantly ties together the many ways and times God has stressed the importance of His commandment to seek our rest in Him and what happens when we do not. Sonja offers clarity on not only the importance of setting aside a day every week with our Lord, but also shares the richness, joy and peace that comes from doing so.

    Too many of us think the hour or two we spend in Church fulfills this commandment. Often times when services conclude, families are off to the races in trying to get to their favorite restaurant to dine or mall to shop. Keeping the Lord’s Day properly stipulates that we don’t cause others to work either. Read Sonja’s book and let it not only change your understanding of keeping the Lord’s Day as intended but the joy and peace that comes with it. The Lord is waiting for you.

  4. Diana

    This is a beautiful and powerful book Thank you Sonya!!!!
    I am Catholic covert . I grew up in a cult ,and there are many many wounds on my heart that needed to be healed
    I can’t imagine my life without the Church and we need Catholic evangelicals like Sonya.
    This book is a life changer and is full of graces
    It is helping me turn the corner in my spiritual life through Gods graces and blessing
    I am so much appreciative

  5. Mary Hollinshead (verified owner)

    it is opening yet another darkness that kept me from trust. truely amazing gifted author and the book once again helps me and my friends move closer to Our Lord

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