Fearless on USB Stick

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For less than $5 per episode, each 30-minute teaching in this 13-part series offers you another opportunity to learn how to be fearless and abandon yourself to love through the Scriptures with Sonja. Videos come loaded on one USB stick. See the Episode Guide in the item description, or download it here.

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Episode Guide (click the pic or download here):

Episode 1       Let There Be Light: The Word as Weapon

Episode 2       The New Adam and the New Eve

Episode 3       LIVEVIL: Revenge and Unforgiveness

Episode 4       The Way of Cain: Dealing with Anger

Episode 5       The Error of Balaam: Greed and False Profits

Episode 6       The Rebellion of Korah: Recognizing Rebellion

Episode 7       End-Times Prophecy from a Church History Perspective

Episode 8       Leviathan: Evil Influences in Political and Economic Institutions

Episode 9       Judas and the Valley of Hell

Episode 10     A Study of Job: Learning to Suffer with Dignity

Episode 11     A Strange Anointing: The Incense of Suffering

Episode 12     Sing with the Cherubim: Offering Sacrificial Praise

Episode 13     Fearless Book and Video Series Recap

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