LOVE the Word® Bible Cover

Handmade and personalized with love by the Beloved Bible Belle. Get yours here! 



*** Made to order to fit the exact measurements of your Bible, including length, width, and thickness; please send pictures of your Bible being measured, this allows you to receive the best possible service. Please also indicate if your Bible is hard-backed, paper-backed or leather bound.***

*** The LOVE the Word® Bible cover is shown with 14 ribbon markers, however, due to the thickness of your own Bible, thinner ribbons may be used as opposed to the ones shown here. If you want less than 14, please indicate so in the order notes, as well as how to spell the name that should be embroidered on the inner flap.***

*** All covers are made to order, but due to the nature of the design, it may not be suitable for all sizes of Bibles.***
You’ll notice that “10 are available”, but they are indeed made these to order; none are “pre-made”.  


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