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Get your signed copy of Exalted, How the Power of the Magnificat Can Transform Us.
For you and your group, Exalted includes a LOVE the
Word® exercise and discussion questions in each chapter.
Mary didn’t sing the Magnificat, Mary is the Magnificat. Our Lady is inviting you, too, to be magnificat. Under her guidance, we break open her song and see into her heart. As we do, we learn how to become all God created us for.

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How the Power of the Magnificat Can Transform Us

Exalted breaks down the Magnificat, line by line. This ancient canticle is the fruit of Mary’s prayer and a model of praise for the Church, as is illustrated in its inclusion in the daily office and at Mass. Together, verse by verse, we will explore how Mary teaches that each of us is called to be a magnificat, too: to be so fully what we were created to be that our own lives give unique witness to the power of God in the world.

“Let it be done to me …” Amen. And so, let’s begin.

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