Unleashed on USB stick

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As seen on Catholic TV! For less than $6 per episode, each 30-minute teaching in this 13-part series offers you another opportunity to receive more of the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures with Sonja. Set of 13 videos loaded on a USB stick. See the Episode Guide below.

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Click (above) to download the Episode Guide.

What do you wish? Lord, I wish for unconditional love.
Episode 1 | I Am My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine
Episode 2 | Sometimes I Leave God For Myself

Who touched me? I touched you, Jesus, with faith.
Episode 3 | Graves of the Craving

Has no one condemned you? No one, Lord.
Episode 4 | Working Backwards From Ugly to Unleashed

Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye? Because I’m angry, Lord.
Episode 5 | What to Do When You’re Angry with God

Why do you call me Lord? Because I love you, Lord.
Episode 6 | Just Brush Your Teeth
Episode 7 | My Matchless Defender

Do you love me? Yes, Lord, I surely do.
Episode 8 | You Owe Me, Lord
Episode 9 | The Longing You Gave Me Hurts

Have you never read the scriptures? How can I understand them, Lord?
Episode 10 | You With Ears to Hear

Do you believe this? I believe, Lord, help my unbelief!
Episode 11 | A Strange Anointing
Episode 12 | Fearless Intro
Episode 13 | The Longing You Gave Me Hurts (this episode is a repeat of episode 9)


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