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“You are my Lord, because You have no need of my goodness” (St. Augustine, Confessions).

Welcome Janet, Amy B., Rebecca, Peggy, Pamelann, and Amy H., Bible Study Evangelista’s newest friends of the show! Thank you for loving and lifting me.

LOVE the Word™ is a Bible study method based on Mary’s own practice: lectio without the Latin.

L – Listen (Receive the Word.)

O – Observe (Choose one or more of the following personality approaches to connect the passage to your life and recent events.)

F | Franciscan – Tell the next four people you see how and where you can see God’s goodness in or through them.

I | Ignatian – Take a walk through the woods or field along the road, and look for signs of God’s goodness in all you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel. Think about the mystery of seeing and understanding something of the invisible God through His creation.

A | Augustinian – Think about the worst event or episode in your life so far. Can you discern how God somehow drew goodness out of it for you? What about the worst event or episode in human history? How does God want you to share in His goodness by cooperating with Him to bring goodness out of something difficult or “bad” for someone else?

T | Thomistic – Meditate for 15 minutes on I AM WHO AM.

V – Verbalize (Pray about your thoughts and emotions.)

What is your favorite thing about God’s goodness?  In your journal or on your journal page (get a free page and user guide to the right), praise and thank Him for revealing His goodness in creation and events.

E – Entrust (May it be done to me according to your word!)

Holy Spirit, show me how to be an example of your goodness to those I connect with this day and this week. + Amen.


*LOVE the Word™ exercises are offered according to FIAT: the four personalities, or “prayer forms,” explored in Prayer and Temperament, by Chester Michael and Marie Norrisey: Franciscan, Ignatian, Augustinian, and Thomistic: FIAT! These prayer forms correspond to the Myers-Briggs personality types.

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Summa Theologica, Questions 5 & 6, Thomas Aquinas

Catholic Encyclopedia, goodness

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  1. I so enjoyed seeing and hearing you in FortMyers.. You hit it out of the park. I have been signed up for your pod casts and have learned so much. I am especially enjoying “Fruits of the Spirit”. God bless you for all you do for us and may He continue to give you the means to carry on.

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