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This morning’s email did not include the audio, so I am re-emailing – I am sorry! I wanted to catch you up on my news in preparation for the new series. Today, we talk about my trips to Israel and Poland, E-Sword Bible software, a car accident, and websites.

Our Job series starts next week! Forward this email to your friends who are suffering.

Thank you to, Lisa D, Laura T, Katrina H, Dawn B, Carmela, Angelica, Patricia H, MaryKatherine, Christine A, Rosemary D, Cieara, Lori C, Angela C, and Maria A, my newest Friends of the Show, for loving and lifting me!

This Week’s Show

E-Sword Tutorial

Free E-Sword Bible study software and downloads

Episode Resources

Holy Land Pilgrimage

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Read the Transcript

You can download a complete, word-for-word transcript here, when it becomes available, courtesy of Kristie Hynniman who does our transcriptions for you.

One thought on “E-Sword for Catholics Tutorial

  1. While I was listening to you talk about your trip to the Holy Land I signed into an online store to update my info, You said “you’ve got to go” and an ad for a Bible study popped up entitled “Come and See”. I went back to your show page and the first thing I saw was the Ignite Holy Land Pilgrimage announcement…lol
    I’ll take that as an invitation :) I can’t go in May, it would require a miracle for my husband to go along with that. lol!
    I never intended to go but I will now put it on my bucket list of things to do before I die. :)
    Thanks <3

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