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O Oriens: O Radiant Dawn. What does it mean that Jesus is the Sunrise?

O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: come, shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death. Isaiah prophesied, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shown” (Isaiah 9:1).

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LOVE the Word® is a Bible study method based on Mary’s own practice: lectio without the Latin. Get the book based on Sonja’s method in the right margin, How to Pray Like Mary.

L – Listen (Receive the Word via audio or video.)


O – Observe (Connect the passage to your life and recent events.)

As I mentioned in the show, 2020 has been a “pop quiz” year. We seem to be living the liturgical year in a deeply experiential way. Advent, for instance, is about waiting for the light of Christ, with hope. In what circumstance do you need light and hope? Do you have a daily Scripture habit to give you a measure of light and hope every morning? 

V – Verbalize (Pray about your thoughts and emotions.)

Remembering that He loves you and that you are in His presence, talk to God about the particulars of your O – Observe step. You may want to write your reflections in your LOVE the Word® journal. Or, get a free journal page and guide in the right-hand margin.

E – Entrust (May it be done to me according to your word!)

O Radiant Dawn, our hearts await you in the cold, wintery darkness. Our hope wanes late in the year with the light of the sun. Our souls yearn and stretch toward your coming. Give us your daily light in the Word; give us the hope of our salvation; come to us and show us the strength of your arm; let the light of your face shine on us, and we shall be saved.  Amen +

O Oriens, by the Dominican student brothers at Blackfriars in Oxford singing the Latin plainchant:

These are the traditional “O Antiphons” associated with each night to which they are assigned.  Each one addresses Christ by a different title, based upon the Messianic prophesies in the Book of Isaiah.  Most people are familiar with these titles from the hymn, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, which is based upon the O Antiphons:

  • Dec 17: Sapientia (O Wisdom),
  • Dec 18:  O Adonai (O Lord),
  • Dec 19:  O Radix Jesse (O Root of Jesse),
  • Dec 20:  O Clavis David (O Key of David),
  • Dec 21:  O Oriens (O Rising Sun),
  • Dec 22:  O Rex Gentium (O King of the Nations), and
  • Dec 23:  O Emmanuel

The first letter of each Messianic title, read from Dec. 23 backwards, spells “ero cras,” or “Tomorrow, I come,” which is fitting, since the next night is the Christmas Vigil.

Show Notes

Topics Discussed:

Assyrian captivity; Messianic prophecies; Young Messiah (listen here); Narnia; darkness and light in the Scriptures; 2020 as a ‘pop quiz’ year 


Minutes 00:12:00 – Jesus ministry begins in Galilee according to prophecy (Matt 4) 

Minutes 12:01-24:00 – Zebulun and Nephtali territories, history of Assyrian campaigns

Minutes 24:01-36:00 – Prophecy, Isaiah 9 & 7

Minutes 36:01-48:00 – Dawn of light and hope for 2020

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3 thoughts on “05_O Radiant Dawn, The O Antiphons, Premium Content

  1. Talk about a battle with myself, how funny the Word Nephtali. Which remind me of my mother’s name her name is Natalia but not her friends but Associates call her natali. She was telling me a story this past week that she had put up her Christmas tree and that my father came home and said why did you put a Christmas tree up there’s no more children in the house? And her reply to him was I do not put it up because we have children or no children at the house I put it up so I can receive Jesus this Christmas I put it up for Him. You are correct about that feeling I feel it too and you and your friend but what I was feeling into words. I also can’t put it my finger on it but I know He’s doing something. And yes I couldn’t truly say that this Advent is a true Advent for me. Sonja your ministry is such a blessing I thank God and ask him to continue to bless your apostolate, your family and you. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and to offer it wholeheartedly to all of us at no cost. Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give. May you continue to have a blessed and healing Advent not just you but all of us all around the world.🙏

  2. Sonja & fellow Sisters in Christ,

    The Christmas star/ the Star of Bethlehem

    I wanted to share this with you to see if you’ve heard anything about this and what you thought?

    Go ahead and mark December 21 on your calendar. That’s when we can all witness something not seen in nearly 800 years.

    During the upcoming winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will line up to create what is known as the “Christmas Star” or “Star of Bethlehem.”

    These two planets haven’t appeared this (relatively) close together from Earth’s vantage point since the Middle Ages.

    Straughn said the next time we could expect this occurrence is in the 2080s.

    “This really is a once in a lifetime occurrence. The planets line up fairly close together, Jupiter and Saturn, about every 20 years,” said Straughn. “But they haven’t been this close together in 800 years. The next time they will be this close together is about 60 years from now.”

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